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Travel confidently knowing your safety is our #1 priority. Rigorous health and cleaning standards around out a best-in-class car rental service provides.

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Get More Freedom By Renting Our Cars On An Hourly Basis

Traveling is not very challenging, but when you do it every month or even more frequently for work or personal requirements, it can get quite troubling. Especially if you constantly need to travel back and forth between the USA and Pakistan, figuring out how to travel in the country can be a big headache.

However, your trips can become a lot easier and more efficient when you select a reputable and professional car rental service provide hourly car rental services. The best hourly car rental company provides excellent service at affordable costs.

Ever since the start, Hire A Car Now has been dedicated to providing an impeccable hourly car rental services for clients who need to travel from the USA to Pakistan frequently and need to rent a car for a month and long-term car rentals and short-term car rentals. We make sure our clients never feel the hassle of having to constantly book rentals and search for the best service at an affordable price. Our top-notch service allows our clients to hire a chauffeur for occasions with freedom and according to their own travel needs.

Cars On An Hourly Basis
For Any Occasion

For Any Occasion, Avail Our Hourly Car Service

When you’re looking for the best hourly car rental services for a trip, business meetings, weddings, or any other occasion, you need to make sure you receive the best since a lot of online car rental services can overbook their rides. As a result, someone may end up getting picked up late or not at all, causing them to completely miss their occasion.

At Hire A Car Now, we make sure that never happens to our clients. With our large selection of rentals, a variety of drivers, and a stellar safety record, we ensure that you reach your destinations and never miss out on any important occasions.

Knowing that a reliable and professional car rental company is always at your side, ready to provide the best service, and pick you up or drop you off at the right time with the right price, your travel worries can rest with ease as you avail our hourly car services provide for any occasion.

Book Rental Cars For Months To Enjoy Your Occasions Hassle Free

When you need to rent a car for the weekends, having a professional Hire A Car Now driver with our premium rentals on hand gives you the freedom to be more flexible while traveling in Pakistan. Whether traveling for work or personal reasons, hourly car rental services allows you to change your destination at any time, allowing you to travel with ease and be prepared to meet any potential problems or delays in your travel plans. If a client has a multi-stop itinerary, our hourly car rental services provides them access to a driver and a car rental waiting for them at all times.

Hire A Car Now has included hourly car services with the rest of our transportation services to allow our clients to fast car rental booking budget friendly car rentals for days and enjoy their occasions without any hassles. We also provide fast billing, short notice availability, quiet and safe rental, a user-friendly and convenient online booking system, and 24/7 customer service support, all features that make us who we are.

We encourage our clients to get in touch with our support team and to learn more about our services and benefits before arriving in Pakistan and bookingour car rental services. Even if you’re not sure about your exact destinations, you can still book our rentals by the hour and enjoy a smooth and convenient travel experience in Pakistan. your exact locations have not yet been determined, you may still reserve a rental car by the hourly car rental services for the period of your selection.

Enjoy Your Occasions Hassle Free
  • Professionally Trained Chauffeurs
  • 24/7 Full-Service Transportation
  • Global network of Transportation Partners
  • Professionally Trained Chauffeurs
  • 24/7 Full-Service Transportation
  • Global network of Transportation Partners

Benefits Of Hiring Hire A Car Now

Safety First

Experienced staff and professionally trained chauffeurs services.

Reasonable Rates

We can offer you the right car rental cost at the right to fit your budget.

Largest Fleet

We offer an extensive fleet of vehicles including Sedan, Suv car rentals.