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How To Book The Best Car Rental Deals In Karachi

Providing easy and convenient car rental options has always been our top priority at Hire A Car Now. When it comes to hiring a car in Karachi, we want to give our customers only the best of the best. Since people arriving from washington aren’t quite familiar with the transportation system in Pakistan, they might have a hard time getting around in karachi and reaching their destinations on time. To help you reach your destinations on time while experiencing true travel comfort, not only does Hire A Car Now offer one of the best car rental service in karachi, but we also provide you with some valuable tips to remember when booking the best car rental deals in karachi

Best Car Rental Deals
Don’t Rent At The Airport

Don’t Rent At The Airport

Renting a last-minute car hire in Karachi at the airport can not only end up costing you more than usual but also lead to you picking the left-over options and compromising on the rental quality and schedule. Always booking car rental three-two weeks ahead before arriving in karachi

Want A Specific Route?

Enter your pick-up and drop-off points and
we’ll provide a custom route for you.

Want A Specific Route?

Enter your pick-up and drop-off points and we’ll provide a custom route for you.

Keep An Eye Out For Junk Fees

A lot of sketchy car rental companies can promise you suspiciously low rates and get you with junk fees at the time of payment. This is why Hire A Car Now is always best car rental service with its customers about its pricing and payment options.

Keep An Eye Out For Junk Fee
Compare Rates

Compare Rates Throughout The Week

Car rental rates can often increase and decrease based on the seasons, events, and the place. To get the best rates for Washington car rentals in Karachi, reach out to our team and learn more about the rates, payment process, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In Karachi, hiring a car rental generally costs PKR 7,000- 8,500 ($21-$30) per day. However, costs vary among operators, and you can save money by comparing the pricing of car rental offers from different companies.

Firstly, look for a company that’s either not too cheap or not too expensive. Secondly, book a smaller car and if you’re going to need a rental for an extended period, then book for a week or month to avoid paying high car rental costs if the price increases.

Yes, most Karachi’s car rental companies offer both manual and automatic transmissions.

To find the best rent-a-car deals in Karachi, check out our Karachi routes, rental options, and special deals.

The most expensive car to rent in Karachi is a Land Cruiser, costing PKR 30000-45000 per day.

It costs PKR 2,14500 ($750 a month, $25 a day) to rent a car for a month in Karachi.